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According to statistics in Serbia, more and more people live alone. Children either work abroad or due the pace of modern life and the nature of the job do not visit their parents enough, which means that they are unable to take adequate care of them all day. Due to age and illness, their safety and security are compromised.

They do not have adequate medical attention and are exposed to stress. These are some of the reasons why homes for the elderly are becoming imperative today and the inevitable need for the future. There are many prejudices related to nursing homes . One is that places like this accommodate people who have no one to look after them, and the other is that the beneficiaries have decided to spend the rest of their lives in the home so as not to bother or burden the family.


Our Mission

Our mission is primarily based on support during the aging process, recognizing the different needs of clients, improving their health status in the warm domestic atmosphere provided by all of its employees.

Due to the great interest of our retirees from abroad to return to their country and spend their retirement days in an institution that meets Swiss standards but at more affordable prices, we came up with the idea to cooperate with the Swiss canton of Basel and apply all their standards related to the construction, furnishing of the facility and the provision of services as Swiss institutions have proven to be one of the leaders in this field. Of course, our doors are also wide open to local retirees who want the highest standard and quality.


A new beginning

A nursing home is a community made up of peers, often at the same age and lifestyle. It is a place where there is good company, a positive atmosphere and this is one of the reasons why lifestyle change is not so traumatic.

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