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According to statistics in Serbia, more and more people live alone. Children either work abroad or because of the pace of modern life and the nature of work do not visit their parents enough, which means that they are unable to take adequate care of them all day.

Due to age and illness, their safety and security are compromised. They do not have adequate medical attention and are exposed to stress.

These are some of the reasons nursing homes are becoming imperative today and the inevitable need for the future.

There are many prejudices related to  homes homes for the elderly. One is that places like this  accommodate people who have no one to look after them, and the other is that the beneficiaries have decided to spend the rest of their lives in the home so as not to disturb or burden the family.

Frequently asked Questions
Why choose a nursing home?

People choose a nursing home  a home because of loneliness, inadequate medical attention, because the contemporary pace of life does not allow their children to care for them more intensely.

Documentation required for admission to a nursing home?
  • Certificate of Citizenship
  • Birth certificate
  • ID card (photocopy)
  • The statement of the person’s willingness to want accommodation (if under guardianship, guardian’s statement)
  • A certificate of property
  • Photocopy of ID card and income statement of relatives (if participating in accommodation costs, notarized)
  • Statement about the possibility and the way of payment of accommodation costs
  • Verified health card
  • Findings and opinion of internist
  • Findings and opinion of the pulmonologist, the lung recording
  • Findings and opinion of a neuropsychiatrist
  • Finding and opinion of a specialist
  • Confirmation that the person is not suffering from infectious diseases

The reception of beneficiaries will be made in the presence of a doctor, social worker and nurse

What is the price of accommodation?

The price of accommodation in a nursing home depends on the volume of services provided to each of the users individually, the category of the room, as well as the special conditions of accommodation imposed by the user’s health status, mobility, etc. For the price of accommodation and care for potential nursing home users, it is best to contact us in person.

What kind of social life is in a nursing home?

Social life is also of great importance. Users will spend a very long time in their new home, which means that in addition to therapy, sleep and meals, they should also have the time of day to spend it in a pleasant and quality way. As we have already emphasized, life does not stop by coming to a nursing home, but gets another dimension. The organized program will consist of a series of activities that include social games, dance nights, quiz competitions, picnics, trips, cultural and entertainment programs, and everything for what  they did not have  the time due to the modern pace of life.

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